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 May 21, 2015 5:52 PM

(Ottawa)- May 21, 2015 – The Army Cadet League of Canada is pleased to announce the Army Cadet Corps who were chosen to receive the 2015 Gerard Buckley Cadet Fund Grant (GBCF).

On Saturday April 25th, 2015, during the Awards Dinner of the Annual General Meeting of the Army Cadet League, the GBCF cheques were presented to the Provincial Executive representatives, of the winning corps’ provinces. An official presentation ceremony will be organized with each cadet corps.
The purpose of the fund is to benefit Army Cadets in Canada. These grants are intended to assist corps who are in communities in Canada where the resources for fundraising and donations may be limited. The grants will help sustain many of the costs for additional activities or the purchase of expensive equipment such as musical instruments, biathlon and marksmanship equipment, and various other items that help make the cadet experience worthwhile for the youth in these communities.

Every year the National Office of the Army Cadet League of Canada receives numerous application from corps across the country making the decision process at times difficult. Based on the guidelines and criteria’s for the corps eligibility, the GBCF committee felt that these corps would best benefit from these grants:

3080 - 1 Canadian Engineer Regiment RCACC, Burns Lake, BC
Since the accident at the local mill in Burns Lake in 2012, the 3080 Army cadet corps has re-established itself quite nicely. Since then the corps has also seen an increase in cadet strength, growing from only 12 cadets on parade to 24 and continues to grow. Due to this unfortunate incident, the corps has struggled with finding fundraising resources since two of their major supporters had to shut their doors. And, although the cadets have continued to fundraise, the impact of this accident on this small community has diminished their ability to raise the required funds on their own. The 3080 RCAC is important to the community as it provides extracurricular activities for the town’s youth. By winning this grant, the corps will see itself in a better position to replace their 15 year old biathlon equipment and their old tents allowing them to continue to offer an exciting and fun curriculum.

2913 - Corps de Cadets Bourg-Royal, Charlesbourg, QC
Although the corps has struggled in the past couple of years, the staff continue to strive to offer the best experience for the youth of this area of Quebec City. Corps attendance dwindled down to only 7 cadets parading weekly, however, as of last year, the number of cadets has increased to 35. Since their current training facilities are located in the basement of an old private school, the corps’ team has put in a lot of work in to making this space operational and safe for the kids. With their grant, they are planning on renovating the facilities to provide a better training environment and not only replace old equipment of their marksmanship team but also plan some exciting activities with the cadets in the surrounding areas of the city.

2295 - Royal Winnipeg Rifles CC, Winnipeg, MB
By winning this grant, this corps will re-establish their band and successfully launch a competitive Biathlon team. The corps will be in a better position to attract local youth as they will be able to offer a more fun and varied program, and provide teens with a quality experience.
With this funding, the corps can provide an opportunity for the Winnipeg inner city youth, to join a group where they will get support, learn new life skills, make friends and develop a sense of being part of a disciplined team.

2402 – Governor’s General Horse Guards Cadet Corps – Toronto, ON
The 2402 GGHG Cadet Corps is located in the North East area of Toronto and welcomes youth from the Jane & Finch area. This corps intends to use these funds to modernize their communications training equipment. As part of cadet training principles, this corps trains safely but always challenges senior cadets to lead the activities. To do so they require the one vital ingredient which is communication tools. These will empower the senior cadets on field exercises to operate independently but safely beyond the line of sight of instructors. Effective communication would keep a senior cadet just one call away from the entire safety net of the officers and all of Cadet Corps’ resources. Since support bases are scaling back the number of radios being issued to the corps, these funds would allow the corps to purchase their own two-way radios which offer higher frequencies and better range. This new equipment is vital to ensure the safety of the cadets and allowing them to achieve the training objectives.

Gerard Buckley

Mr. Buckley, a former Army Cadet, Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC) Officer and now member of Canada Company created the Gerard Buckley Cadet Fund in 2001 jointly with the Army Cadet League of Canada and Scotiabank, to support optional training for Canadian Army Cadets.
A few years ago, Mr. Buckley generously increased this support to the Army Cadet Movement by increasing the number of awards to four cadet corps, with grants of $3000.00 each for a total of $12,000 annually. The winning cadet corps will be using the funds to cover costs towards various activities such as; biathlon and marksmanship training, musical instruments, citizenship activities and wilderness and outdoor exercises. To date the GBCF has raised over $250,000.00 and has awarded 36 grants of $3,000 each to cadet corps where there is a challenge to raise monies for extracurricular programs and will continue to award grants for years to come.

Gerard and his wife, Mary MacDonald have established a Donor Advised Fund “The Gerard Buckley & Mary MacDonald Youth Fund” which support youth based charities in Canada and abroad.

The Army Cadet Program

The Royal Canadian Army cadets is a federally-sponsored program for young Canadians ages 12 to 18 that develops in youth attributes of leadership, good citizenship, and physical fitness, while stimulating interest in the Canadian Armed Forces. There are currently over 19,000 Army cadets in 428 cadet corps across the country.

The Army Cadet League

The Army Cadet League of Canada is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the Royal Canadian Army Cadets. For over 40 years, the League has sponsored Army Cadets and solicited public interest and support for the Army Cadet Program, all while promoting the objectives of the Royal Canadian Army Cadets.

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