Jaguar Capital’s Success


Consulting • Financing • Experience • Trust

Jaguar Capital co-arranged a financing facility for Marathon Fluid Systems Limited to acquire a vertically integrated business based in New Brunswick. Karim Bhibah, CEO  has a vision to expand specialized manufacturing capacity in New Brunswick where he and his companies can add value. Karim understood the value of an export market for his value added wood business. In one day’s drive for a delivery truck south of the boarder this company had access to a market in excess of 100 million people. Jaguar Capital having over 40 years’ experience in finance and banking understood that alternative lenders were the best opportunity to get this acquisition financed. In cooperation with Jaguar Capital Marathon created a strong due diligence package that was made available through an electronic deal room. Marathon by partnering with Jaguar Capital as an advisor and lead arranger and Liquid Capital as a financier, sufficient working capital and asset based loans were provided to enable Bos Brother’s to meet their projections and succeed on their vision. This is an example of where Jaguar Capital’s innovative thinking and sound advice enabled the success of small business to grow.

Consulting • Financial Management • Experience

Jaguar Capital was engaged by a growth stage retail distribution channel for a Specialty Heath Care Product. The three year old company with sales of over $3 million required financing that would be supported by the inventory and receivables of the company. Jaguar Capital was successfully able to negotiate with an alternative financing company a line of credit that was able to meet the working capital needs of the retail distributor. This enabled the company to have financing sources that would allow them to accelerate their growth.

Consulting • Financial Management • Experience

An international manufacturing company based in Canada engaged Jaguar Capital to review its foreign exchange activities and the pricing received from its bank. We identified a number of opportunities to obtain better pricing and created a transaction process to ensure future activities were cost effective. This assignment enabled the company to better control its manufacturing costs and maximize its revenue. 

Interim Executive • Financial Management • Integrity

A junior mining company based in Vancouver that was focused on acquiring mineral properties in Mexico and Canada engaged Jaguar Capital to provide the services of a CFO for two days a week. The CFO was responsible initially the set up the Head Office functions including financial management, corporate structuring and tax planning that resulted in negotiations with professionals in the appropriate jurisdictions. This engagement allowed the CEO to focus on the mining resource acquisition plan of the company.


Consulting • Governance • Experience

A growth stage technology company engaged Jaguar Capital to structure, recruit and implement an effective Advisory Board. By building a skills inventory of the company, creating a skills matrix and identifying skill gaps, Jaguar Capital was able to identify the composition of an effective advisory board. Using the experience of Jaguar Capital’s principles with the participation of the management team, Advisers were recruited whose interests and skills were aligned with the company and its future growth. This enabled the company to fill its skills gap and appoint an effective Advisory Board.

Advisory • Governance • Integrity

Hired as an advisor and a leader to the advisory board by a development company in the alternative energy space Jaguar Capital is instrumental in the financial management and structuring of the company. The company plans to develop, finance, construct, transfer/own and operate renewable energy power projects across Canada, India and other overseas markets. This advice allowed the CEO to make more informed decisions.

Consulting • Governance • Experience 

Jaguar Capital was engaged by a not for profit organization’s board of directors to prepare a governance plan and structure of the BOD, then prepare an Audit Committee Charter, Governance Plan and Conflict of Interest Guidelines and provide advice on the implementation of these policies. This resulted in the organization having a better governance structure and being transparent to its members.


Strategy • Entrepreneur Coach • Financial Structuring • Trust

Jaguar Capital’s Managing Director, Gerard Buckley was engaged to provide entrepreneurial coaching to the CEO of a content marketing company in Canada. She contracted Gerard to assist her with the structuring of the company and negotiate a shareholders agreement and share structure with the company’s primary non-executive shareholder. In addition she worked with Jaguar Capital in the hiring of her executive team, structuring compensation and targeting market segments in the growth of her business. This advice allowed the CEO to make more informed decisions.

Strategy • Entrepreneurship • Experience

Jaguar Capital developed and delivered a series of seminars for Angel Groups, Accelerators, Entrepreneurs and Industry Conferences. These seminars which have in-debth curriculum include: Pitching for Investment, Due – Diligence, Valuation of an Early Stage Company, Forming an Advisory Board, Terms and Conditions to Expect from Investors, Accessing Angel Capital, Preparing an Executive Summary and Pros and Cons of Accessing Venture Capital too Early. These presentations are industry leading which many have trended on both LinkedIn and Slideshare. These presentations gave the participants valuable knowledge previously not available.

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