Operations and Performance Optimization

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Prior to undertaking analysis, Jaguar Capital will work collaboratively with you to ensure the focus is being directed on the requisite core operating processes of your organization. Our approach to optimizing your operations key on the fact that business, process or product improvement will always have both quantitative and qualitative elements that are inextricably linked. The latter element is often overlooked and represents the main contributing factor for not achieving desired results. We apply a Lean Six Sigma method that incorporates a full suite of analytical techniques that focus on identifying and implementing specific actions to streamline operations, reduce costs and waste, improve cycle times, increase flexibility, and ultimately deliver results by achieving operations and performance optimization.

Prince 2

Jaguar Capital follows the PRINCE 2 project management framework to ensure that we provide you with a disciplined, accountable, measurable and cost-effective service.  Jaguar Capital will identify your current state, define and measure performance gaps and process capability utilizing process and value stream mapping; analytically measure utilizing industry standard tools such as MiniTab, in order to significantly improve your operations – be it a practice, product or process. Jaguar Capital professionals have applied this methodology to a wide range of industries - Private Sector Growth Companies, Government and the United Nations.   

Jaguar Capital solutions position clients to achieve maximum performance from their core operations. Significantly, Jaguar Capital places great emphasis on the final phase of the Lean Six Sigma process – Control. Specifically, we provide our clients with control mechanisms and levers to monitor and control implementation after our service has concluded to ensure solutions are enduring.

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