Organizational Design

GearsAn integrated approach that delivers results.

Why is Organisational Structure important? Simply put, structure can impact an organisation significantly, as it is the way in which a business is arranged to carry out its activities; it can enable or impede success. 

Jaguar Capital offers an approach that integrates Organizational Design (OD) and Managerial Design (MD) predicated on the conviction that quantitative and qualitative design interdependence is immutable in achieving success, and that structure enables capability and performance; which delivers output - results.  

Organizations that achieve exceptional results put structures and policies in place that empower their people to work together toward common goals and objectives. However organizations must continuously evolve and grow as they are impacted by both internal and external factors. Key to continued success usually begins with O & M Design work to restructure or optimize as required. Jaguar Capital’s approach goes beyond ‘Boxology’ or ‘Wiring Diagrams,’ rather holistically examine and link corporate strategy to organization to capability output.  

Jaguar Capital’s approach:

  • Understand the organisational culture
  • Enterprise view
  • Align O & M structure to strategy, business model and core processes. 
  • Leader-driven, people-focused.
  • Decision-making architecture structure must be aligned
  • One size does not fit all; structure must simplify complexity, reduce redundancy (managerial layers) and optimise empowerment (delegation and spans of control).
  • The right people with the requisite skills in the key positions
  • Organizational resilience and adaptability
  • Risk understanding and management
  • Smart structure: more efficient (reduced costs) with greater output   
  • People matter!

Jaguar Capital expertise: Private Sector Growth Companies, Government and the United Nations.

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