“Jaguar Capital helped our company in tangible and measurable ways beyond the scope of his engagement.”

– Mark Hobbs, Partner at Fundmetric


What we are great at:

Advising growth stage companies in the areas of Governance, Financial Management, and Strategy. We help great entrepreneurs scale their business through creating solid governance practices, and implementing financial management and strategic policies in order to innovate and create change in the world.




Headed by Gerard Buckley, Jaguar Capital’s expertise is based on over 30 years experience with senior management in financial markets, including; investment banking and capital markets. Jaguar Capital has consulted to market leading corporations across various North American markets.


  • Governance advisory for growth companies
  • Strategic planning development and implementation for growth companies
  • Financing management advisory for growth companies

We work to structure and model growth companies for investment. Advising on and implementing industry leading risk management and corporate governance practices, we help position companies effectively for growth. As an integral partner to our Clients in negotiating term sheets, financing contracts and other financing requirements with financial institutions and private investors alike, we are a valuable ally in the CEO’s corner.


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