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An effective Strategic Plan is a universally recognized as a critical key to success regardless of industry, business or market – yet it remains a significant challenge for many organizations. At Jaguar Capital we address this challenge by ensuring alignment - vision, mission, goals, objectives, and performance metrics; communication - collaborative ownership, investment and buy in; and putting in place successful implementation mechanisms and controls.

Jaguar Capital breaks the paradigm of compartmentalizing strategy development and linear problem solving. We will work with you collaboratively to cognitively examine and challenge assumptions, reframe link and value stream analysis to ensure both alignment and focus. Strategies will be developed, not in a linear cause and effect manner, but rather to address probabilistic outcomes. This generates flexible strategies that can be applied to address the most likely range of possibilities to drive success. The result is strategies that are dynamic and adaptable; that optimize results.

Our integrated approach to Strategy and planning is based on Jaguar Capitals’s Strategy Cycle developed through best practices from Military, Financial, Scientific and Project Management theory:

What we do: 

  • Lead strategic planning initiatives and build performance measurement metrics
  • Business development, strategy and sales leadership
  • Executive coaching for Founders & CEO’s
  • Advise on the structuring of pitches and presentations to investors
  • Assist in preparing Business Plans and Financing Proposals
  • Assist in developing customer and product strategy
  • Provide dedicated executive management to your company
  • Assist in preparing risk analysis in growth management


Strategy • Entrepreneur Coach • Financial Structuring • Trust

Jaguar Capital’s Managing Director, Gerard Buckley was engaged to provide entrepreneurial coaching to the CEO of a content marketing company in Canada. She contracted Gerard to assist her with the structuring of the company and negotiate a shareholders agreement and share structure with the company’s primary non-executive shareholder. In addition she worked with Jaguar Capital in the hiring of her executive team, structuring compensation and targeting market segments in the growth of her business. This advice allowed the CEO to make more informed decisions.

Strategy • Entrepreneurship • Experience

Jaguar Capital developed and delivered a series of seminars for Angel Groups, Accelerators, Entrepreneurs and Industry Conferences. These seminars which have in-debth curriculum include: Pitching for Investment, Due – Diligence, Valuation of an Early Stage Company, Forming an Advisory Board, Terms and Conditions to Expect from Investors, Accessing Angel Capital, Preparing an Executive Summary and Pros and Cons of Accessing Venture Capital too Early. These presentations are industry leading which many have trended on both LinkedIn and Slideshare. These presentations gave the participants valuable knowledge previously not available.

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