Jaguar Capital provides Advisory Services with specialization in Governance and Financial Management.

We work to structure and model progressive organizations for operational effectiveness and investment. We help position organizations including companies for growth with leading risk management, performance optimization and corporate governance practices. As an integral partner in negotiating term sheets, financing contracts, etc. with financial institutions and private investors alike, we are a valuable ally in the CEO’s corner.

Our Client focus is on International Agencies, NGO’s and Growth Companies in Energy, Healthcare, Digital Media, Technology, Defense Industries, Manufacturing and Financial Services.


We advise companies on a governance structure best suited for its growth, assess the success of the board in meeting its goals and more.



We have built experience financing companies at all parts of a company’s life cycle in multiple industries.


“Jaguar Capital quickly and efficiently completed the project they were assigned but also provided a number of valuable recommendations aimed at improving the value of the company.”

John Hamblin • Geode Technology

“As one of the premier mentors at the INcubes Accelerator, Gerard has the ability to connect with the startup founders in all capacities.”

Ben Zlotnick • Founder, INcubes

“Gerard has consistently provided our team with effective and practical advice that has helped foster growth within our startup, while also employing his experience to identify and help us avoid potential pitfals.”

Christopher Charlesworth • Co-founder, HiveWire

“Gerard has vast experience in investing, startups and business in general. As a result, he is able to quickly understand a business, analyze it’s market and potential and produce a clear, well documented valuation report. Not only did Gerard quickly and efficiently complete the project he was assigned but he also provided a number of valuable recommendation aimed at improving the value of the company.”

John Hamblin • Transportation and Logistics Systems Specialist

“Jaguar Capital is a Professional Advisory Practice that provides usable and transparent advice. Gerard is up-front and a professional who added value to financing our business.”

Karim Bhibah • President and CEO, Marathon Fluid Systems Limited

“Gerard has been instrumental in the growth of Dangle Media Inc in the city of Toronto. As a mentor, he has been consistent in providing priceless advice regarding everything from corporate structure, financial progress, human resources and marketing. Gerard ensures he’s available whenever possible and is quick to be pro-active with creative suggestions at all times.”

Danielle Fernandes • President and CEO, Bantr Media